As one of Canada’s largest distributors of Indian food and spice products, Teja Foods success and dedication to being a market leader is built not only on its proven track record of providing superior products but also on its competitive pricing, professional and reliable service. Teja Foods team of professionals have developed an expertise in market trends that enables effective and efficient service to its clientele.

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We secure the highest quality food from the highest quality farmers and put each batch through our internal quality assurance...

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We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure the farmers and communities we partner with are benefitting in the long term...

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Because the foods and products we sell come from distant lands and small farms unknown to most people, it’s also our duty to educate...

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Our aim is to foster a community of people who see that Mother Nature has provided us with an enormous array of resources...

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Teja Foods provides a diverse array of ethnic food products including spices, beans, lentils, oil, rice, flour, canned groceries and ready to eat meals.  We also offering a wide-array of brands only typically available in India.


Teja Food Products

Our Teja branded products have been sourced and developed to meet the current market requirements (competitive pricing).

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Private-Label Services

We have an established program that offers private-label opportunities to major vendors due to our sourcing capabilities and expertise.

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Representative Brands

Offering the top South Asian brands from both national and regionally unique products across a varied mix or organic and natural food products.

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“Teja has been a supplier partner for our Group for over 40 years. By far one of the best supplier partners for our South Asian business. Always keeping us in an excellent in stock position with service to our stores that is second to none!”

Save On Foods

“I have personally had the pleasure of working with Teja Foods for 17 years. As a business partner they have been invaluable in helping us build our business and connect with our customers. We have established an ordering rhythm that is consistent in both timing and fill rate which is essential to us. The ongoing purchases from our customers are a true testament to the quality of goods being delivered, with myself included, as Teja spices are what I use at home.”

Fairway Market

“We have seen the tremendous increase in demand for South Asian foods in North American (particularly Canada) over the last few years. Our member partners which represent over 38% of the total grocery store chains were requesting these specialized unique foods. It only made sense for us to partner with the leader of South Asian foods (Teja Foods) in Canada to offer our members the highest quality products.”


During the global pandemic, you can continue to rely on Teja Foods to deliver authentic South Asian and international foods and spices.

Teja Foods is working tirelessly to continue to provide essential food supplies to the Canadian market. During Covid19, we remain committed to providing you with access to high-quality, artisanal South Asian foods and spices while delivering exceptional value. Due to proactive internal measures, we maintain ample inventory and cultivated domestic production capabilities. We are well-positioned to meet surging demand. We take our role in the food supply ecosystem seriously and are committed to getting through Covid19 together as proud members of the Canadian community. By working together we will overcome COVID19.